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One-on-One Consultations

Tailored Support for Your Health Journey

Dive into our One-on-One Functional Nutrition Program, tailored precisely to your health needs. With real support, practical guidance, and clear education, our approach is positive, hands-on, and solution-focused. We tackle real barriers—like healthcare access and personal roadblocks—head-on. Our aim? To equip you with practical strategies that make you feel great, overcoming obstacles with ease.


Solutions to symptoms are as unique and individual as the people experiencing them.

Navigating through the overwhelming amount of conflicting generalized information to find relief can be defeating. We excel in cutting through the noise, focusing on constructing personalized, bio-individual plans that are aimed at guiding you towards not just alleviation, but a deeper understanding and resilience against hormonal imbalances.


Schedule a FREE 15-Minute Consult

A no strings attached phone call to get an overview of your health concerns you will leave with at least two practice tips for your wellbeing. So even if we NEVER meet again it was worth your time!

Lets Dive Together!

Next we take a deep dive into your health and your health goals. This will require a 40 minute 'New Client Introductory Call' so you can tell us more about your current health challenges, a little about you, and learn more about what your goals are moving forward. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask any questions you have and we’ll cover the details on what it will look like to work together. Prior to your intro call, we will send you a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, Goals + Intake Questionnaire + a few others to get the ball rolling. 

Till HEALTH do we part!

Or three months! It takes three full months to truly witness the full spectrum of benefits when addressing hormonal health. New habits can be challenging to integrate, but once established, you will see benefits right away. However some of the more pesky hormonal symptoms take three full 28- day cycles (3 months) to work through. So this commitment is major! This is you commiting to your health, your freedom, and to letting someone in to help you.

Don't take our word for it...

Jenna S.

"I've been struggling with hormonal imbalances for years, and Half of Us Collective has been a game-changer for me. The personalized nutrition plan and ongoing support have helped me make significant progress in my health journey."

Sophie L.

"Half of Us Collective has helped me see the biases of the healthcare systems that stopped me from receiveing proper care for years. Lauren became my co-pilot in fighting for my needs, she helped guide me to a more sustainable living."

Sarah T.

"I'm so grateful for Half of Us Collective's commitment to health equity. Their focus on educating and empowering women+ from all backgrounds is truly inspiring."

Virtual Nutrition Guidance
Sevices and Pricing
    Twice-Monthly Consultations: Schedule two monthly consultations to discuss your progress and make any necessary adjustments. Continuous Email Support: Feel free to send unlimited emails with any questions or concerns along the way. Customized Health Plan: Receive a personalized plan that includes dietary, supplement, and lifestyle advice tailored to your hormonal health needs. Ongoing Plan Updates: Your health plan will be updated for free whenever necessary to ensure it continues to meet your needs. Exclusive Supplements: Gain access to high-quality supplement products typically available only through professionals. Comprehensive Lifestyle Resources: Utilize a wide range of tools and guides for meal planning, grocery shopping, healthy snacking, and detoxing to support your dietary and lifestyle changes. Care Team Co-Creation: Together we will create a full care team to help support you through your health journey with us and beyond. Self Advocacy in Health Care Settings: Learn how to advocate for yourself in practitioner offices to get what you need and deserve.
    It takes three months to truly witness the full spectrum of benefits when addressing hormonal health. Establishing new habits might pose a challenge initially, but the effort starts paying off almost immediately. However, it's the more stubborn symptoms that require patience, typically taking three full 28-day cycles—or three months—to fully resolve. This commitment is substantial, marking a dedication to your health, your freedom, and an openness to receiving help.
    We work in 3-month packages for all of our 1:1 clients. Pricing varies based on age. Details below: - Teen Package (13-17) $1,000/3 months - Adult Package (18+) $1,200/3 months Significant discounts given to non-profit and community workers. Please email for more information.
    Your trusty co-pilot on this journey is Lauren McTigue, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and hormonal health educator, ready to navigate the twists and turns of achieving optimal wellness. (Read more in the "Our Vision" section)
    Sign up for a 15-minute quick introductory phone call to embark on your journey to better health!
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